Weight Management

Trying to achieve optimal health with weight loss and exercise is not an easy task in our society. You have to be mentally ready to face some life style changes. We all know that diets alone do not work and without support most of us cannot get to our goal and stay there.

At LaserWellness we offer a nutritional program to get you to your healthy weight goal with fast and safe weight loss. Our program of medically formulated portion controlled meal replacements combined with a regular daily meal has helped millions of patients across the country lose their weight and achieve optimal health.

Why so successful? Because the program offers you a proven system along with a free health coach and an online support system to help you along the way. You will learn the BESLIM philosophy that has been proven by the NIH to help people achieve permanent weight loss. So whether you need to lose 10 pounds or over 100 pounds this program can help you get there.

Our staff will counsel you in our nutritional supplements that can help to boost metabolism and stave off cravings with products such as Satiecin and Appestacin by Thorne Research. Physician recommended and approved products help to improve your overall health and help prevent diseases.

Please call us at 334-213-0700 for a personalized weight loss plan designed specifically for you.