Dermal Fillers


Juvederm XC – Smooth Lines and Enhance Lips

Juvederm is our choice for thin aging lips and under eye hollowness. Juvederm features a high concentration of cross-linked hyaluronic acid for long lasting results and a smooth, natural look and feel. Our philosophy is to enhance a patient’s natural lip line for a look that is fuller, but not artificial.

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance found in all mammals that helps to hydrate and add volume to your skin. In addition to its use as an aesthetic treatment, hyaluronic acid has been used for more than 20 years for injecting into arthritic joints to aid movement as well as for eye surgeries and wound repair.

Using a fine needle, we ease Juvederm into the skin to help smooth moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds.

The procedure only takes about 15 minutes and results are immediate and it can last up to 1 year.


With Belotero Balance Dermal Filler, you can replace lost HA caused by the natural aging process as it is a hyaluronic acid (HA) injectable filler that completely integrates into the skin tissue. Once injected, it instantly plumps the skin and will smooth the lines and wrinkles on your face.  This filler quickly integrates into your skin for results that are uniquely YOU.

Areas We Address with Belotero Filler:

1.Lip Enhancement
2.Moderate to Severe Etched-In Lines
3.Fine Lines/Wrinkles (Vertical Lip Lines Above & Around The Mouth)
4.Tear Troughs (Under- Eye Hollowing)

Radiesse® Dermal Filler

Replace Collage and Fill In Deeper Lines and Wrinkles

Radiesse ® is both a dermal filler and a bioactivator. It contains 30% synthetic Calcium Hydroxylapatite microspheres which support the GROWTH OF NEW COLLAGEN IN YOUR SKIN. The abundance of healthy collagen is what gives skin a smooth, supple, youthful appearance. This collagen begins to break down as we age, causing skin laxity, wrinkles and loss in facial volume.

Radiesse is used for facial contouring and augmentation. It immediately adds volume to safely contour, correct and beautify facial features. And it continues to work over time. It has a patented microsphere technology and stimulates the body to product new collagen for a soft, natural look that lasts.

You will see results immediately after treatment and it may last up to 18 months.

Radiesse is for Men too

Radiesse can help men add volume and look younger with natural results.  Made from natural minerals, Radiesse is strong enough for a man’s rugged skin.

RADIESSE® Volumizing Filler is an injectable filler that works by immediately restoring facial volume to smooth out the signs of aging.

Once injected, not only does it immediately add volume but over time, RADIESSE Volumizing Filler begins to stimulate the production of the body’s natural collagen.  Results improve over time and may last more than 12 months in many patients.